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**Please Note: This webpage is in the process of being revised. This page is NOT a complete list of the products available at the Monte Vista Coop. Please use the contact information below to get additional information on products that may not be listed on this page currently. The Monte Vista Coop strives to serve you. If you have questions reguarding products, current inventory, or have a request for a feeding reccomendation, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to do our best to help you deliver optimal nutrition to your livestock.
Contact Information:

Deliveries and Feeding Questions:   
Jerry Bogner: 719-580-6751
Leon Bolt: 719-580-2070
Scott Taylor: 719-580-6202
Monte Vista Feed Warehouse:  719-852-5181 ext: 1081
Alamosa Feed Warehouse: 719-589-3621



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Mineral / Tubs:

Salt | Cattle Mineral/Tubs | Horse Mineral/Tubs | Sheep/Goat Mineral/Tubs | Insectiside Tubs



White Salt Block Trace Mineral Block
Trace Mineral Bag
Milled White
Course White Sulphur Block
Iodized Block Iodized Bag
TM/Selenium Bag TM/Selenium Block
Water Soft Gems Pony Brick Iodized
Pony Brick Trace Mineral Pony Brick White
  Cobalt Block   

Image result for agland logo Beef Bufferite Sodium Bicarbonate 50 lb. Hydrated Lime 50lb. bag

Cattle Mineral/Tubs

Image result for vitaferm logo Biozyme VitaFerm Digest More 50 lb. Biozyme VitaFerm Mag 50 lb.
Biozyme VitaFerm Roughage Fortifier 50 lb.  

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Dicalcium Phosphate  


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MV Pasture Biomass Min Moss 50lb MV Mag Mineral 50 lb.
Pro Phos 12 40 lb. Block Pro Phos 12 50 lb.
Pro Phos 12/Copper Mineral 50 lb. Pro Phos 12/Copper 40 lb. Block

Bio HP-40 200 lb. Tub Bio HP-40 250 lb. Tub
Breed-Up 20% 250 lb. Tub Breed-Up + Bio Moss 250 lb. 20%Tub
Omegalyx Bio BGF-30 250 lb. Tub
Brigade 125 lb. Tub Brigade 250 lb. Tub
HE 20% 60 lb. Tub HE 20% 250 lb. Tub
HE 20% Bio 200 lb. Tub Mineralyx 250 lb. Tub
MP-27  200 lb. BB Tub Super Mag 250 lb. Tub
Natural 20% 250 lb. Tub Natural 27% 250 lb. Tub
Crystal-Phos 125 lb. Tub Crystal-Phos 250 lb. Tub
Ionolyx 250 lb. Tub Moss BGF-30 250 lb.
  Beeflyx 250 lb. Tub  

Easylix Hi-Mag 40 lb. Block
Easylix Rumensin 40 lb. Block
*DO NOT feed to horses*
Bloat Block 33.3 lb.  

Horse Mineral


Free Balance® 12:12 Block

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1011 Horse Bag
1011 Horse Block

Stablyx 60 lb.
Sweet 14% 250 lb.
Stablyx 250 lb. Sweet 14% 60 lb.

Sheep/Goat Mineral


Goatlyx 60 lb Tub
Sheeplyx 16% 60 lb. Tub

Goat Chow Mineral 25 lb.
Sheep Mineral 50 lb.
Sheep Mineral Block  

Insecticide Tubs


Rolyx 60 lb. Tub
Rolyx 250 lb. Tub

Easylix IGR Fly 40 lb. Block  



Cattle Feeds:

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Feedlot 32-19 B600 50 lb.  

Liquid Hay Treat Liquid Feed
  Calf Growena CRS 50 lb. Calf Startena 50 lb.
  Super Mix R1500 12% Calf Creep
All Veg 28 Block SLV R1000
  Biozyme UF Conceptaid Biozyme VF Sure Champ
  Grand 4-T-Fyer 50 lb. Mor-M-Lass 50 lb.
  Calf Manna 25 lb. or 50 lb. 20% Range Breeder Cake
  Biozyme/Power Tub 200 lb.  

Horse Feeds:

**More Options Available via Special Order**

Textured Feed

**Purina Best Seller** Omolene® #200

Pelleted & Extruded Feed

Equine Senior®

Pelleted Feed


Strategy® Professional Formula Gx

 **New** Impact® Professional Performance Horse

 **New** Impact® Professional Senior Horse

Equine Senior Active® Horse

Stampede 13% Complete Horse Pellet

Image result for manna pro Max-E-Glo Pellets

Cubed Feed
Stampede 13% Complete Horse Cube

Equine Supplements

   OUTLASTTM Gastric Support
OutlastTM Buffering Ability
OutlastTM Buffering Strength
OutlastTM Gastric Health
Image result for adm feed StayStrong Metabolic Pellets   Zinpro Performance Minerals
Redmond Rock / Daily Gold   Daily Gold Montmorillonite Clay
Image result for farnam logo Sand Clear   Sand Colic


Small Ruminant:


• Lamb Creep 50 Medicated (VFD REQUIRED) 50 lb.
• Lamb Grower Comp B-30 50 lb.
• Show Lamb Grower B-30 50 lb.
• Show Lamb 15% Extruded Pelled DX
• Milk Replacers

• Goat GM Climatizer 50 lb.
• Goat GM Advancer 50 lb.
• Show N' Timidator 50 lb.
• Show Chow 50 lb.
• Milk Replacers
• Show Goat




• Flock Block 25 lb.
• Flock Raiser 5 lb. Bag
• Flock Raiser 50 lb. Bag
• BirdLuvers 50 lb. Bag
• Flax Seed 50 lb. Bag
• Thistle Seed 50 lb. Bag
• Black OIl Sunflower Seed 50 lb. Bag


• Poultry Grit 5 lb.
• 16% Layer Pellet 50 lb.
• 16% Layer Crumbles 50 lb.
• 20% Layer 50 lb.
• Chick Starter Medicated 50 lb. or 5 lb. (No VFD requirement)
• Chick Starter Non-Medicated 25 lb. or 5 lb.
• Chick Grower 50 lb.
• Chick Finisher 50 lb.
• Oyster Shell 50 lb. or 5 lb.
• Scratch 50 lb. or 5 lb.
• Layena 50 lb.
• Layena Omega 50 lb.


• Chick Gamebird  Starter 50 lb.
• Turkey Grower 50 lb.
• Turkey Finisher 50 lb.
• Mazuri Waterfowl MNT 50 lb.


Show Feeds/Supplements:

Multi Species



    Click the links below to see how High Octane Supplaments    
will support the optimal performance of your show animal.

    High Octane Supplament Target Areas:   

• Swine

• Cattle

• Sheep
Ultra Full
Depth Charge
Power Fill
Power Fuel
Heavy Weight
Champion Drive
Fitter 35

Show Goat


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Show N' Timidator 50 lb.
Goat GM Climatizer 50 lb.
Goat GM Advancer 50 lb.

Show Goat

Show Chow 50 lb.

Show Lamb

Show Lamb 15% Extruded Pelled DX
Show Lamb Grower B-30 50 lb.

Show Lamb Chow

Show Pig

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Pig Starter
40-90 Pig Starter
Fat and Fluffy
Team 18 Pellet
Team 18 Crumble

Pro Leader 2.5 Medicated
Pro Leader 2.5 Non Medicated
Pig Starter
Lean Gain .65 Grower
Lean Gain .75 Finisher

Show Cattle

Precon Complete
Pre Con Show Chow
Fitters Edge
Finishing Touch


All Stock / Elevator:

Sweet Mix

• Purina CS 11% 50lb.
• Country Acres General Livestock


• Cracked: 50 lb. or Bulk
• Whole: 50 lb. or Bulk
• Flaked: 50 lb.


• Whole: 50 lb. or Bulk
• Flaked: 40 lb. or 50 lb.
• Oat Groat 50 lb.


• Flaked R/W: 40 lb.

Cotton Seed

• Cotton Seed Hulls: 45 lb. Tub

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