2017 Board Candidates:  

Moe Bond, John Cuto, Roger Mix, and Stanton Johnson.

      Moe Bond IMG_0137 (002)          Moe Bond
My name is Moe Bond and I’m married and have three children.  My wife Mary is a vital part of our farming operation. 
Our farm is located just north of Monte Vista, where I started farming with my father, Bill Bond, in 1975.  When my father retired in 1996 we formed Bond Farms LLC.  We currently farm potatoes, Durum wheat, and canola seed.
I have served on numerous Boards and have always tried to be open and fair to all the parties involved. 
I feel that the Monte Vista Coop is a vital part of the community and the Ag industry and we should all do our part to insure its success.
I’m running for my third term and would like to continue my position as a Board of Director for the Monte Vista Coop.  It has truly been an educational experience learning what it takes to make our Coop work.  I am dedicated to the betterment of the local agricultural community and its effect on the valley as a whole.    
 Robbie Curto                    John Curto
My name is John Curto and I’m married and have two children.  My wife Robbie is a school counselor in the Alamosa School District where my children Dustin and Megan attend school. I’m running for my second term on the Board of the Monte Vista Coop.
We farm southwest of Alamosa in the Waverly area.  We grow alfalfa, barley and triticale and run a cow/calf operation.
I have been farming most of my life.  I came back to the farm after finishing college in 1999.  I am the third generation on our farm.  My grandfather settled here and established our farm in 1939 and our roots run deep here in the San Luis Valley. 
I am a dedicated, hard-working, and honest individual.  As I mentioned earlier, my family’s roots run deep in the San Luis Valley and I am committed to making it a better place by helping the people and the surrounding communities. 
I would ask for your support and your vote for the Board of Directors so that I can continue to serve the members of the Monte Vista Coop.
2017 Roger Mix                  Roger Mix
My name is Roger Mix and my wife, Rosalie and I have two sons, Ryan and Michael. Rosalie does the bookkeeping for the farm and helps out where she’s needed.  Ryan is a software test analyst, working for General Motors in Phoenix.  Michael is a sophomore at NAU in Flagstaff, Arizona studying journalism.
Our farm is located in the Center area.  The farm produces malt barley and certified seed potatoes for the varieties of Canela Russets, Teton Russets, Yukon Golds, and Desiree.
I have a Bachelor of Science from Colorado State University in agronomy.  I’m a board member of the Colorado Potato Administrative Committee, Colorado Certified Potato Growers Association, Vice President of the Colorado Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association, and I’ve been on the Monte Vista Coop Board for the last six years.  I’ve also served on many other boards through the years. 
I’m running for my third term and if re-elected, I can bring my knowledge of being on the board the last six years.  I’ve been involved with the budgeting process, financial statements and margins. I would appreciate serving as a board member for another term for the Monte Vista Coop.     
 2017 Stanton Johnson2                      Stanton Johnson
My name is Stanton Johnson and my wife, Jaelyn and I are the parents of seven children, five girls and two boys. 
We farm and ranch in both Rio Grande and Alamosa counties. We raise alfalfa and grass hay, barley, oats, forage wheat, and cattle. In addition to my farm/ranch operation, I own and operate a commercial trucking business. 
I have farmed with my dad since I was a young boy and have been farming on my own for over twenty years. I took a Farm and Ranch Management class at Trinidad State Jr. College to enhance my management skills.
I feel like if I’m elected I can assist in decision making to help the Monte Vista Coop better serve our agricultural community. I have served on the Monte Vista Canal board for approximately ten years. I also serve in various assignments in community and religious affiliations. I will bring honesty, integrity, and business experience to the Monte Vista Coop board of directors. My human relations skills assist me in being able to communicate with individuals that I associate with. I maintain a strong family background and enjoy spending time camping, fishing, and attending various athletic and educational events with my children.   


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