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The Monte Vista Cooperative's Mission is  to provide options and information, leading edge technology, quality products and services to enhance profitability of the membership today and in the future. 

 Your Monte Vista Co-op Board of Directors gave great thought and conviction to the above statement. They are dedicated producers who make decisions that positively impact you. They are part of the employee team that strives to provide you with the very best services and products at competitive prices. Just like in any family, your participation and loyal support is needed to keep your co-op family business healthy.
Together, we are a very powerful organization. 

Your Board of Directors: 

ScotSchaefer, Chairman of the Board 
Roger Mix, Vice-Chairman of the Board
Sherry Haugen, Secretary 
Moe Bond, Director
Dale Bartee, Director 
Bryon Kunugi, Director
John Curto, Director 

Eric Hinton, President/CEO 

 The ag-producer members of the Monte Vista Co-op have the privilege and obligation of selecting a total of seven farmers or ranchers to serve as their spokespersons on the board of directors. When elected to this board, these producers agree to represent this membership by working together to make responsible decisions that will keep this business on the leading edge. 

 A board member may serve up to four consecutive three-year terms and is up for re-election at the end of the first, second and third terms. The director's terms are staggered so that there are always veterans to help the new directors ease into their positions. 


The cooperative business is very unique. It is member-owned. The agricultural producer-members elect a board of directors who, in turn, hire a general manager. That manager hires the employees who are best suited to work hard for the members who own this business. 


Cooperatives: Businesses That People Trust 


Cooperatives are democratically controlled enterprises that are created and used by their member-owners to provide goods and services for their benefit. Co-ops are a vital part of American life. Across America, more that 120 million people have found solutions to community needs by forming cooperative businesses. This means cost savings, less risk and more choices for our consumers and producers. 


For more information on cooperatives, visit the National Cooperative Business Association at

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