2021 Annual Membership Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Monte Vista Cooperative will be a virtual online business meeting. Link will be posted on this page. 

April 28, 2021
Dear Members
The Monte Vista Cooperative 2021 Annual Meeting will be held June 3, 2021 at 6 PM as a virtually hosted meeting with viewing capability. There will be a live video link provided through the Monte Vista Cooperative’s website, www.mvcoop.com, where members can observe the business meeting including for the following purposes:

  1. To receive the Financial Report of the Association.
  2. To elect two voting members for a three-year term. Bios are available at www.mvcoop.com.
  3. Report by Management on operations.
  4. To discuss and transact such other business that may come before the Association at this time.
  5. Approval of the revisions to the Association’s bylaws.

In addition, the 2020 Annual Meeting minutes will be approved; please vote for your approval on your board ballot.
Ballots may be mailed in or dropped off at the Monte Vista Coop main business office at 1901 E Hwy 160 Monte Vista, Colorado any time prior to 4 PM June 3rd. Throughout the day on June 3rd, from 8 AM to 4 PM, there will be refreshments and gifts for any member coming into the office. At that time, members may register for prizes including half a pig, a food and beverage cooler, and a grill.

Any questions members may have that they would like to be addressed during the meeting can be dropped off at our main business office, returned with your ballot, or you may email any questions to mvcads@mvcoop.com to be received prior to 4 PM June 3rd. Your packets will be mailed out to you within the next week and will contain the voting ballot as well as the annual report. 

Byron Kunugi

Byron Kunugi
Blanca, Colorado

My name is Byron Kunugi and I have been part of the family farming operation in the Blanca/Ft. Garland area since high school. I currently work closely with my brother and nephew and together we raise potatoes, Coors barley, wheat, and alfalfa. I earned my degree from Adams State University in Business Administration and Marketing. I am currently an alternate board member of the Colorado Potato Administrative Committee, Costilla Soil Conservation District, the Costilla County Fire Protection District, and a member of the Costilla County Sub-District Water Board. I am a retired fireman and I have served on the Colorado Pesticide Advisors Committee and I am a former Vice President of finance on the National Potato Council. I feel like the Monte Vista Coop is a vital part of the economy for the San Luis Valley. The MVC employees continue to serve our member/customers and ensure they reach their needs. The management at the Monte Vista Coop is very important and do an excellent job. I have gained a lot of knowledge on how the Monte Vista Coop operates, and if re-elected, I will bring experience, common sense, and leadership to the board of directors.

Justin Rogers

Justin Rogers
La Jara, Colorado

Hello, Monte Vista Coop members. My name is Justin Rogers.  I was born and raised in the San Luis Valley. I grew up in La Jara, Colorado on the family farm where we have cows and sheep. We raise alfalfa and some barley.  I went to school at Centauri High School where I graduated in 2009.  After graduating, I then took a few classes at TSJC in Alamosa for AG business. In 2012 I bought a farm in the Carmel district and expanded the family business. I currently sit on a few boards including the San Luis Valley Well Owners, several ditch companies, North Conejos Fire Protection Board, and I am currently the fire chief for the Carmel Fire Department.  I am married to my lovely wife Blayne.  We have one boy J.W. who will turn two years old in July.  We are also blessed to have another baby on the way. I like to spend as much time with my family as I can. We like to go camping in the mountains, checking on the sheep and moving camps, and watching the lambs grow and run around. I believe that I would be a great member for the Monte Vista Coop Board.